Dear Team Navi, you have given some of the best Dota 2 memories, in game and outside of game. I still remember how the crowd cheered up in gank where naga walks in with a song and puppeh goes bkb and black hole. I remember Dendi gangnam style, dendi making fun of puppeh at all star games and specially the interview saying “Good”. But since the roster change everything went downhill. I request you to do one thing. Whether you get the redemption vote or not, please do all the things you mentioned. Please practice well. People are making fun of fun, it hurts, I don’t know when I became your fan, but please try to come back. Do your best. I know its hard to sit at sidelines and shout you can do it. But I am like the guy who will come to see you practice daily, if only I didn’t have my exams ( I am a dermatologist) And exams in a week.. So good luck.
— cyberkidvj from Reddit
Я проголосовал, конечно же за 3 наших команды. На первое место поставил @natusvincere. Ибо начали что-то делать, что я одобряю
— V1lat from Starladder
I Iove Natus Vincere playing style and their passion . There are ups and downs but they never give up<3 . I always believe in Navi team and hope they will comeback stronger than ever They are like my family When they lose, I feel the pain of thier loss , when they win i feel so happy and i have a good day and i really love #XBOCT #Dendi #Funn1k #ArtStyle and other guys
— Yaśśįńê SříĐíį from Facebook
Actually, Na’Vi proposal seems to be the best out there. Gonna buy the compendium to vote!
— flowerbomb1992 from Reddit
I am very interested in the bootcamp, public games and inner competition - Na’Vi has my vote.
— dcpp4 from Reddit
I rather vote for them just because they are doing something relative to gaming, not something stupid and funny thing just to get votes. I mean, yeah we can have fun sometimes, but guys is a fuc*** spot at TS3.
— vitaminar from Reddit
Чертяки в КС потопили лягушатников, а теперь значится еще и чертяки дотана интригуют... занятно =) Есессно уже проголосовал, уж больно хочется потопить за команду на саммите :)
— 2ez from Navi-gaming.com
After several practice games of the new squad, I have seen great changes and a beam of hope.
— Alexander Kokhanoskiy, NaVi CEO
Я і так проголосую за NAVI. А голоси що залишаються, не потрібно віддавати за конкурентів, а потрібно голосувати за маловідомі команди=)
— DreyD from Navi-gaming.com
i don’t know but i wanna hear the team screaming “XBOCT GO BACK” even if it’s in russian
— jaredfrancesco from Reddit
Все таки Самит больше медийный турнир и ехать туда должны медийные команды, поэтому проголосую за Нави, Альянс и Эмпайр.
— Catalyst from Virtuspro.org
Voting for NaVi because i want to see how they perform on LAN.
— Genzey from Reddit
Na`Vi gets my vote cause I believe in XBOCT.
— boykawOw from Reddit
ArtStyle comeback looks promising. I think that he can inspire the team with something they have lost long ago. After all, they have become The International champions with him!
— Mark Averbukh, Dreamz Media COO
Проголосовал за Na`Vi, нисколько не жалею, потому что видно, что ребята настроены серьезно, и по сути говоря, это их последний шанс проявить себя перед инвайтами на TI 5.
— Resident from Navi-gaming.com